About Us


Desai Bandhu Ambewale is the India’s first and only brand for Alphonso mangoes and it’s allied mango products. Our story dates back to around 80 years. It was in 1932 when Raghunath Vasudeo Desai- the founder of Desai Bandhu Ambewale- started getting pure Alphonsos from tihe Konkan to sell in Pune- a city in Maharashtra. He was a visionary who correctly judged the growing need for mangoes of the people staying on the plateau. There was a gap that had to be bridged. People on the plateau needed pure mangoes from Konkan and Raghunath Desai thoughtfully took up to bridge this gap. 


Today, Desai Bandhu has become a synonym for pure mangoes. Be it just mangoes or mango products such as Mango pulp, Aamba Vadi, Barfi, Slices (in tin), Murabba, Jam, Crush, Ammba poli, Amrakhand , Desai Bandhu Ambewale is the name any mango lover thinks of! Our team that has put relentless efforts to serve the connoisseur’s palate includes the following talented people:

Raghunath Vasudeo Desai – first came to Pune in 1932. He used to bring mangos from konkan in small baskets (topalya) and sell in Pune. He was visionary, who saw the growth and requirement in Pune city, 80 years back. Vasant Desai son of Raghunath Desai now heads Desai Bandhu Ambewale brand. He holds Bachelor’s degree in science from Pune University. He has been in this been in this business for over 50 years now and is responsible for converting a small scale business to defining Desai as The Brand for mangos in and outside India.

Yogesh son of Vasant Desai, who completed graduation in Commerce from Pune University. Yogesh has over 15 years of experience in handling sales and distribution at Desai Bandhu Ambewale.
Narendra Vasant Desai, has done his graduation from Pune University in field of commerce. Over 12 years of experience, Narendra is responsible for finance, administration and in-house marketing.
Mandar, youngest son of Vasant Desai holds degree in commerce from Pune University. Mandar has over 10 years of experience and shoulders PR/Advt, marketing, export and channel partnership responsibilities at Desai Bandhu Ambewale.